7 Things Winners Do Instead Of Protesting

For the last couple of weeks, people have been out in the streets protesting.

Personally, I believe protesting is a waste of time.

There are better methods, in my opinion, that can be used instead of shouting at the sky.

Thankfully, I also grew up around people that were winners.

These people were confident and never gave up in their quest to be the absolute best they could be in any of their endeavours.

Was their journey easy? Heck no!

They understood going outside and shouting & protesting with a sign they spent time and money on wasn’t going to accomplish a darn thing.

Instead, they assessed their situation and put in time and effort to ensure that injustice never happened again.

The list I have below will tell you some of what I learned from these winners. I want you all to adhere to them also because I want to see you win.

If you do the opposite of these things, you’ll find yourself trapped in a sea of fear.

Here are some things that myself and other people that take ACTION do.

Have a purpose

Confident people have a purpose for doing whatever it is they want to do.

7x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s purpose for lifting weights was to be the best. 

“Wow, my degree sure did take me far” (/s)

If he didn’t have a purpose for lifting weights, why did he get into all of the competitions he performed in?

Prior to lifting weights, he was a college graduate working at fast food joints.

His degree did a lick of good for him.

Instead of complaining about the system, he used his God-given physicality to look tremendous and dangerous!

My purpose for filming is to be the best branding partner for individuals and corporations.

I want people to come to me to look their absolute best. No one else.

In order to find your purpose, find your ‘why.’ If you don’t know your ‘why’, stick to the basics in your craft. You’ll find it in motion.

Embracing fears

Confident people embrace their fears all the time.

Many confident people are afraid to do the thing they need to do. But they do it anyway.

The late Prince said he was always afraid before going on stage. Prince, the man that wore high heels and tight clothing, was afraid of going on stage! Can you believe that?! But he did it.

Fellas, what’s stopping you from looking like this?

Before I got into doing live streams, I was afraid of talking to women.

Prior to leaving my comfort zone, my fears were developed due to being rejected often.

After I left my comfort zone, I learned to embrace those fears and talk to them.

It’s a LOT easier to deal with rejection away from a place of conformity because no one knows who you are.

In order for me to face my fears, I had to look into the DNA of communicating with the opposite sex. I also had to get guidance and understand everything my dad said was right: the worst they could say was no.

Learning something new everyday

Confident people take the time to learn new things every day.

It can be the most random thing. Learn something new about something every day and you’ll be surprised at how much confidence you have.

My former art teacher was a walking encyclopedia.

She knew the most random things and somehow, her information saved my behind a time or two.

For the fellas reading this, a woman likes a man that has knowledge. Just be sure to not come across as a know-it-all or you’ll dry her up.

I wanted to get better in Japanese so I took it upon myself to study for 30-minutes a day. After a few weeks of doing so, I ran into some Japanese tourists and carried on a very beginner’s conversation with them.

They were impressed with my knowledge of the language and we exchanged contact information.

Turned out they were business owners in Osaka!

You never know what knowledge can do for you.

– Nothing angers the uneducated more than knowledge.

Listening more

Confident people listen more than they do talk.

In sales, I learned if you’re talking more than your client, you lost the sale.

The same applies in real life.

People that are not confident talk too much in order to not ‘bore’ whoever they’re talking to.

The ironic thing they end up being boring and who they’re trying to impress lost interest.

Talking too much is one of my worst habits but as time goes on, I have learned how to control myself.

I lost out on many business deals and dates because I talked way too much. 

Don’t make my mistakes.

When you listen to others, they greatly appreciate it.

Samuel L. Jackson said it best: the best moment with a woman is learning how to shut the f*ck up and enjoy five minutes of silence.

Being ready

“When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready” – WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston

In order to be ready all the time, you have to train yourself daily.

Actor Dante Carver is an American actor that lives in Japan.

For 121 auditions, he tried to make it into the industry. He failed each and every one of them.

Throughout his failures, he picked up new phrases in Japanese.

He also learned certain mannerisms and customs throughout the country.

When it came to audition 122, he was ready.

What’s interesting is he wasn’t trying to be ready for what was to come.

He did what came natural to him over time.

One day, he was speaking the Japanese he picked up and was talking to some people in the back.

A director heard him and asked him to say some lines in Japanese.

Dante did just that.

The next day, the producers of that show called him and said they wanted to hire him to be the spokesperson for their phone service Softbank.

He’s been there since 2006 and to this day, he is still working with that company and various others.

I have a similar story that also takes place in Japan.

If you don’t know, I make travel videos. I was filming one at a park and a major TV crew approached me.

Fuji TV wanted to follow me and get my thoughts on the cherry blossom festival.

They saw me with a camera and selfie stick and saw me making a vlog.

The producer figured I could be a great host and I was for their show.

All in all, confident people do everything in their power to get ready so when the time comes, they don’t have to prepare.

Being assertive

One of my favorite traits in confident people is assertiveness.

Here’s the difference between a timid person and an assertive person.

Timid person:

Friend: Hey there! Can you do me a favor and donate $5k to my grandmother whom you do not know?

Timid person: Well…y’see…I could… but I don’t know… that’s a lot of money, dontcha think?

Assertive person:

Friend: Can you donate $5k to help my dying grandmother that you don’t know?

Assertive person: No.

When you are an assertive person, you don’t worry if you’re going to rock the boat or not. If there’s something you need or want, you go for it.

An assertive person never asks for permission to be a success.

All Elite Wrestling wrestler Kenny Omega said this to me with regards to being a success:

I never asked for permission. I never asked for a chance. 

Kenny wanted to be a pro wrestler in Japan to wrestle against his best friend Kota Ibushi. He let it be known that wherever he went, nothing was going to get in his way. He wasn’t afraid to piss off the top brass to be the absolute best.

Making decisions based on value instead of feelings

The riots across America due to the murder of George Floyd are all based on feelings.

I had a feeling the moment his death was publicized the way it was, there would be trouble.

Sadly, I was right.

Within the peaceful protests, there were opportunists creating trouble.

Politicians and corporations made rash decisions to keep people happy.

Many corporations thought it would be best to keep their customers happy by not being silent.

Everything I listed was the result of feelings.

Yes, Mr. Floyd’s murder was unjust.

A confident person would have handled that differently. It’s okay to be upset but destroying property solves nothing.

The small business owners were confident enough to risk getting arrested (in some stores) to protect all they have.

Those that supported the rioting and troublemakers showed they feared the temporary backlash. These days, we’ve seen how voices on Twitter last but a few moments.

A few other confident people let their anger be known by working in silence.

I decided to invest in more Bitcoin and put it towards necessary businesses.

There’s more value in investing money. Investing your time and energy on protests are counterproductive.

The bottom line is this: Confident people will do anything and everything in their power to ensure they maintain their mind, body, and spirit.

Little emotion is involved and a lot of planning is necessary to ensure your confidence remains strong throughout all you do.

During my travels around Asia, I came across various types of people that would protest right now.

Instead of joining in, I decided to go a different path.


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Peace & love!