About Shaun Webb

I’m a professional videographer based in Dallas, Texas. I am currently living in Seoul, South Korea. I make videos to help other businesses make more money.

Wouldn’t You Rather Be The 1 Out Of 10 Who Takes Action Today So You Can Reap The Rewards For Years To Come?

If you run a company, you don’t have to learn video production. You also don’t have time to train your staff how to make to make videos that will your company more money. I am the executioner of excellence in video/media.
I would be my pleasure to help you today.

I’ve been making videos for the web and broadcast television for a few years and I made this site to help you find someone that can make videos for you.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

  • How can I better promote my business?
  • What kind of video would be appropriate for me?
  • How can I get more eyes on my product?

Or if you’ve ever had to figure out whether video can actually help you grow a business and how it would do so… 

Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I have a special passion for startups and would love to have the chance to help you spread your story in a unique and engaging way.

My videos are designed to help your company attract investors, promote your product effectively, and increase your conversion rates.

To ensure the videos produced are always unique and deliver the maximum awe possible, we converse with our clients to figure out their needs first and then use the best equipment available on the market.

If there’s a project you want done, give me a call and let’s break bread.