Product videos are 10X more likely to be watched over text or pictures alone. They'll allow you to communicate the benefits and uses of your product in a compelling way.


Brand videos are meant to introduce your company to your audience. They should be able to "feel" like they know you after watching it.


High quality commercials are the ideal way to promote your brand, product or service to a large audience. These videos are usually backed by ad spend on TV with a goal of increasing brand awareness.


LG Velvet feat. Tamara Kim

A very short promo featuring LG’s newest phone featuring South Korean influencer Tamara Kim

Lola & Doe 24K Gold soap feat. Aram

Lola & Doe is a luxury beauty brand that specializes in offering organic soaps internationally. This piece showcases the gold soap for those that like to feel like royalty. Features Korean model Aram.

Voice acting workshop with Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz is an American voice actress based out of New York City. She voices in shows such as Pokemon and Sonic. She visited South Korea to give a voice workshop to English speakers in the country in order to help better their voice work.

Memorandum Capital showcase in Seoul, South Korea

Memorandum.Capital, a Russian global investment advisory company, held a conference in Seoul, South Korea to promote their business in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

9th Annual Asian Leadership Conference

Major South Korean newspaper Chosunilbon held a conference attended by former world leaders around the world. This year’s theme was about Blockchain technology.

Sonny Strait Studios promo

Don “Sonny” Strait is a Texas-based voice actor for Funimation. He is best known for his roles in Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, and Assassination Teacher. He recently opened a studio to train up and coming actors in voice work and theatre in Denton, Texas.

 Kimchi Socks Doge Coin

Kimchi Socks is an appeal company that features your favorite cryptocurrency designs. They have Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. Korea TV presenter Yoojin Choi modeled for us in this spot.

KTXS 12 Football Friday Night Spot (:30)

KTXS 12 in Abilene, Texas asked us to make a spot for their Friday night sports show Football Friday Night.