How To Connect With Influencers

I recently connected with a lawyer.

Previously, she worked for one of the top firms in the United States.

Today, she’s back in South Korea and is working as an influencer on Instagram. Recently, she was blessed with the opportunity to help promote a major brand’s new phone.

As of this writing, she has over 9k followers.

Why is the brand willing to work with someone that has 9k followers as opposed to someone with 10+ million followers?

According to the company, she has “legitimacy.”

Her being a lawyer will boost their personal brand. In return, her personal brand will be boosted.

The end result!

Be with people that have value

I was shocked at how easy it is to be an influencer in the eyes of major corporations and society.

Well, “easy” is putting it lightly.

The influencer put a lot of work into becoming a lawyer.

While that in and of itself isn’t sexy, it helps when you’re attractive and know how to get attention.

I thought about this and thought about all of the famous people I worked with.

These days, being able to connect with people is easier than ever.

Social media, e-mail, and creating something that catches people’s eyes makes it easier to be seen.

How do I do it? How can you do it?

For all of you hustlers and bustlers,
here’s how you can connect with your favorite influencers.

1. Be Useful

If you are useless, no one will want to work with you.

It sounds harsh, I know, but this is the absolute truth.

If you have no skills that can help out someone else, no one will be willing to connect with you.

Imagine being an influencer with 10s, 100s, or even millions of followers on social media.

You will get DMs from people every day wanting to hear from you.

Who are you going to give your attention to?

DM #1: Hey, can you promote my brand on your platform? I can’t pay you but I’ll give you exposure!


DM #2: Hi [influencer], I have a set of skills that will help boost your brand. Do you have time to connect?

Reading this, I hope you choose the second DM.

The first DM had a rude approach and made it all about them. The second DM made it about the person they wanted to connect with.

If you’re looking to connect with others, make sure you have a particular set of skills and you might can connect with them.

If you manage to do so, keep doing it. Be genuine in your approach.

2. Validate yourself

People with influence are arrogant.

Some may not act like it but they’re very arrogant.

Use this to your advantage.

If you want a higher chance of connecting with someone major, stroke their ego.

This takes practice; you want to help them but you don’t want to come across as a brownnoser either.

An influencer doesn’t care that you make a lot of money. How does that help them out?

Here’s one way to validate yourself:
Hi [influencer], I am looking to work on this editing technique similar to how you do in your videos. I noticed you used these methods to create that impact but I can’t emulate it. How can I do so?

By doing this, you let them know you’re serious about your craft and your message respects their position, knowledge, and intelligence.

Understand this: if you have value, people will exploit you.

This is fine as long as you let them do it to a certain degree. You can help others and still have boundaries

3. Be likable

I say this often and it’s under looked greatly in society.

If you want anyone to acknowledge you, you have to be likable.

I didn’t say “nice”, just likable. You have to give someone a reason to want to talk to you.

I lost many great connections because I was an unlikeable dick.

It took being screwed out of a 5 figure payday to fully understand this.

Going back to the DM examples in the first point, notice how the first DM sounded.

It was rude, crass, and too informal. Would you want to work with someone that treats you with such disrespect?

The same applies to influencers.

If you’re someone with a lot of followers, real people with real assets won’t want to work with you, no matter how much your brand can boost them.

I turned away people with hundreds and thousands of followers because I didn’t like how they treated their workers.

If they were willing to treat them like that, I can only imagine how they would treat me.

Pour Closure

Now that you have the tools to connect with people, practice this every day.

You will make mistakes starting off; mistakes are part of the process.

But, if you can confidently work the courage to talk to people, you’ll be unstoppable!

All you have to do is be of help to them in a genuine manner.

If they like you, you will be someone they will call for help.

These days, I am interviewing influencers across Twitter and other platforms.

If you’re curious to know more about them, you can listen to them on my podcast The Shaun Webb Podcast.

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