How To Go Viral Anywhere

Video is a powerful tool. It’s so powerful, it should be banned.

Video is so powerful, it convinces people that would have never in their life think about a particular topic suddenly think about it.

Of course, the concept of video is nothing new.

Video is how John F. Kennedy was elected president. In 1960, it was the first time American audiences were able to witness a debate where the candidates could be seen and not just heard. JFK was a handsome young-ish looking man that went against the old and scary looking Richard Nixon. The audiences liked how JFK looked. It didn’t matter what he said to the general public. Thanks to video, it was over for Nixon before it began.

To this day, the concept of video is still powerful.

These days, the barrier to getting into film is quite low. Thanks to streaming sites such as YouTube and Twitch, it’s easier to get your message out. All you need to do is pull out your camera phone and shoot. That’s it!

But how can one person be successful using video?

All one person needs is good timing.

Many videos that become viral became that way because whatever the person uploaded was timed properly with whatever was popular.

For example: In early 2016, I created a video where I interviewed South Koreas about the American animation Family Guy.

This video is almost at 1 Million views

The moment that episode premiered, I asked a friend to translate the song into Korean. I uploaded the subtitles and shared the video on the streets of Seoul. Despite the reactions from the natives, the video gained over 300k views in a week! Right now, it’s almost at 1 million views!

I expected it to be big but not as big as it is right now! Four years later and I am STILL getting comments about the video.

Another video I made later that year involved me eating Korean BBQ with a Nigerian friend. At that time, there was a YouTuber from the UK making videos about him and his friends eating Korean food. While his stuff was great, Koreans were in search of something new!

The top comment in this video talks about how seeing people like me was a “breath of fresh air”. Koreans were sick of seeing the same type of people make videos about their culture. The wanted something new and I gave it to them.

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

The best way to do so is to plan your videos ahead in advance. If a major product or movie is coming out, make a video relating to the new popular thing and release it the same day. You can also do this a week after the fact but the bottom line is speed and good timing is the name of the game.

Another way to make your content go viral is making sure the right people see what you make.

In 2014, rapper T. Pain performed for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. When it was originally released, the video was around five figures in views. In 2019, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods posted a clip of the concert on his Twitter. As of right now, that Tiny Desk concert is sitting at 18 million views.

Another way to go viral, and one that should be thought about VERY CAREFULLY, is to do something insane. Good or bad, as long as it gets attention, what you create will go viral.

Some guy in New York went the Eric Andre route and spilled a plastic container filled with cereal and milk on a train in the subway. I don’t condone this method of getting attention by any means but it did work. It got people to talk about the event. That person may have gotten even more fans and followed him to see if he would do something else.

If anyone is concerned with getting viral, the best thing I can tell you is to never TRY to be viral. Focus on making great content and getting better each time you press record on your camera.

If you understand the basics of making a video that gets attention (regardless if it’s good or not) and/or have good timing, you’re set.

No need to spend over $2K just to learn something this simple.

Question: Have you made anything viral? How did you do so and what was the experience like?

Take care of yourself and peace & love!

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