How To Make Money Being An Answer To People’s Problems

Go to the search bar on your preferred social media page and type, “how do I”.

There will be hundreds of results that show people that need help with something.

One of the best ways to make money in our society is helping people.

Funny enough, humanity is all about being selfish, but that top 1% got the right idea.

A company like Amazon exists because they help people easily buy the items they want or need.

Netflix is successful because they found a way to help people watch movies without leaving home.

What I do in video production is no exception to this rule.

There are many companies around the world that need video branding. Most of the time, they hire someone in house to take care of it.

The problem with that is their in-house crew don’t know the first thing about video production.

Companies will call people like me to be the answer to their problem.

Answering the call

Previously, I talked about how to connect with successful people.

Continually being the solution to their problems is what helped me out.

The concept of being helpful to others is often lost due to not knowing this basic thing.

What’s awesome is whatever gift you have, there’s someone out there that actually needs it!

Do you know how to play the harp? There’s someone that needs a harp player for an event!

Are you bilingual in a certain language? There’s someone right now that needs something translated!

In 2015, I worked with a lady that organized this event called “Bras For A Cause”

She was a great organizer but a terrible public speaker. One night, she asked me to be the emcee for a show they had.

Since I had great public speaking skills, I answered the call. As expected, the show went on and it was a success.

That night, I was drawn to where I fit.

The Truth About Answering The Call

Just because one has the ability to answer the call, doesn’t mean they should.

Like everything else, it should be 50/50. One should never give all the time, nor should they take all the time.

There are moments where either or can lead to tarnishing your name (taking but never giving) or being taken advantage of (giving but never taking).

One way I learned how to avoid this was through a book called “The Go Giver

The first law of value in that book states:

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”

No matter what you do, this is indeed very true.


What one must understand is NEVER do anything with the expectation of getting anything in return.

There will be people that will take advantage of this and will ask you to do major projects for them with no return on investment for you.

How can you combat this and make money still?

The value of scarcity

One thing I learned when making money and connecting is being scarce.

Scarce, in this context, means in terms of time.

Many connections can be made by coming through for another in times of need.

They can also be made when the connections are not bothered too much (unless you know for certain it will lead to something better).

I lost probably one of the best connections I made in South Korea due to constantly messaging this person without providing value.

They work for a major game studio that translates foreign games into Korean for distribution.

After getting their contact info, my messages were nothing but platitudes (mindless and useless chat).

I haven’t talked to them in months as a result.

On the plus side, I maintained a different connection by giving them more than they expected out of me and leaving them alone.

This action was witnessed through a friend of mine on a podcast.

Two wrestlers from the major wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling approached my guest with a proposal.

He let them know through Twitter he wanted to be All Elite by providing his voice.

Here’s what he means:

If you’re not able to watch the video, he said he got the attention of the wrestlers by participating in the contests they had and contacting one of the wrestlers.

One of the wrestlers was a fan of Kyle and Kyle was a fan of him. They connected through sending each other care packages.

That connection is turning into a friendship at a slow and steady pace.

Moving too fast makes you seem desperate. The opposite can make it seem as though you care about only you.

Pour closure

Being the answer to someone’s problem can help ensure you make profit.

It’s a two-way street street so you have to be helpful to them and they have to be helpful to you.

If it doesn’t seem like it will work out for either or, walking away is your best option.

My favorite method of being an answer to people’s problem is providing my skills in video production.

I teach you how to do so right here.

Peace & love!

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