How An Anime Character Increased My Twitter Followers

Right now, everyone in the United States are crazy about two things: social justice and anime.

This week, there was a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A young man by the name of Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly shot three people in self-defense. He killed two while seriously injuring one.

After watching all of the videos of the incident, the phrase call the police began trending.

After watching that, I decided to make this post:

These are the results I got after 48 hours (and counting):

I received many followers and viewers as a result of this little innocent tweet. How did this anime character get me so many impressions?

Let’s start back at the beginning.

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Meet Uzaki-chan

Hana Uzaki – 19-year-old 2nd year university student

There’s a new anime that’s currently airing called Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out.

It’s a slice-of-life romantic comedy about a girl (Hana) that wants to spend time with a guy she admired when they were in high school.

How can a harmless show like this get people upset?

Earlier this year, the Japanese Red Cross used Uzaki-chan to promote and get people interested in donating blood.

Western and, to my surprise Japanese, feminists were beyond mad that a cute young anime girl was used to promote saving lives.

The creators were bullied into taking her picture off because it is “offensive” to women.

You know what the Red Cross did?

They ignored their “requests” and used it.

As a result, they were given a record number of donations as a result.

Say what you will but sex sells.

What else sells is pissing off internet prudes that like to pretend they’re virtuous.

To this day, Uzaki-chan still gets people angry. I won’t go into the details of how and why but what I gave you is the gist of it.

My method

I had a feeling using a “hated” and well loved anime character would get some eyes on what I had.

I didn’t expect how much I would get from combining her with a tragic and current event!

The plan was to mock how people that shouted “call the police” while hypocritically claiming they wanted to defund or abolish the police.

Either way, it helped me get new followers along the way and everything worked out in the end.


Use a popular anime character plus a current event to talk about it and people will follow you.

Uzaki-chan is popular right now so it would be best to leverage it while you can before she cools down.

Hope this helps you out in the long run!

Peace and love!