Major Corporations Always Lie

One common theme you may have noticed during a crisis:

Every time there’s a social injustice, corporations will always rally up and bank on the attention.

Here’s something that may come as a surprise:

They don’t actually care about the injustices of the world. They only care about money.

It’s been this way before we were born and it’ll be like that after we die. It’s just the way of the world.

Sadly, each time a crisis happens and corporations do this, people believe there will be a social change.

I’ve got news for you jack: there will never be a change.

If things actually changed, the corporations that instigate the injustices would go out of business.

These people are in business to cause trouble. It’s easy to do and there are no signs of this business model ever slowing down.

This is why so many celebrities and public figures that don’t support the causes get cancelled.

YouTube Pledges To Give $100 Million USD to black creators…that they like.

If you’ve followed me, you know that I have been a creator on YouTube since 2007.

The content created includes interviews with K-pop stars, travel & food, gaming, and podcasts.

Travel & Food is my bread and butter and was doing well…in 2016.

Then the adpocalypse happened and things were never the same.

Gone were the days you could swear and show suggestive content. Today, creators have to be family-friendly to get ad support.

Each year, they try to keep creators happy but end up shooting themselves in the foot with ridiculous statements.

This one from 2018 made many people upset.

So progressive! (/s)

They tell people to subscribe to black creators but since this Twitter post, they promoted one.

Her name is Jennelle Eliana.

(Not) a YouTube

The Curious (and VERY brief) case of Jennelle Eliana

This young lady makes videos about her life in a van.

Somehow, she acquired over 10 Million views in her first video.

In one month, she got 1.7 Million subscribers!

How did she do it?

Was it through hard work?

Was it through dedication to her craft?

Hell no.

She was a corporate tool by YouTube to show they support black creators.

And it worked.

Those that mattered (the 99%) ignored all of the bad things YouTube has done and were praising Jennelle.

Meanwhile, the 1% were skeptical and knew something wasn’t right about. But who cares about them, they’re the minority.

YouTube’s claim to support black creators is suspect because of who they actually support

The pandering to black creators isn’t anything surprising.

Corporations will pander to people they feel are inferior to make them feel superior.

YouTube is no different.

What this tells me is this:

Youtube doesn’t think black people can compete with everybody else on a level playing field so they’re going tilt the scales in black creators favor.

As a YouTuber myself, I find this to be disrespectful.

Our successes and failures are ours and ours alone.

If YouTube wants to show me favoritism, cool. If they don’t but my followers do, cool.

This makes other creators that or not black feel left out and it’s ridiculous.

But again, pandering for profit doesn’t surprise me.

Aba & Preach’s commentary on this mirrors my thoughts.

One thing I want to know is which creator(s) will get that money?

Pour Closure

YouTube is pandering to black content creators to make it seem as though they’re not silent on current issues.

All this will do is make people even more upset at YouTube.

If history has taught us anything, the only way people can survive is to not be pandered to.

Pandering does nothing but make people feel more superior than what they really are.

It also keeps people from reaching their full potential.

But as history tells us time after time, people will forget.

They’ll forget when a new shiny thing comes out.

Like the Playstation 5.