Project: Jon Fitch Highlight Reel

In early August, former UFC fighter and current Bellator fighter Jon Fitch was looking for an intern to make videos for his social media. I applied and was chosen to do so!

One day, his assistant/business partner e-mailed me and asked to make a highlight reel to get his fans ready for his fight (September 12). This is the result.

Needless to say, he was quite happy with it!

This was a nice challenge for me because while I’ve made highlight reels in the past, I’ve never done so for MMA.

I was inspired to make more highlight reels after watching highlight reels for the pro wrestling website Deadlock.

Jon will fight Neiman Gracie at Bellator 246 on September 12 at 9pm EST. You can watch it on Paramount Network or online at DAZN.