The Key To Having Momentum

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Filmmaker Mike Cernovich created a thread on his Twitter regarding things he wish he was told as a younger man.

As a young-ish man myself, I took to hear what he had to say.

In my late teens to my 20s, I had no one outside of my dad to give me real wisdom.

My dad gave me a lot of wisdom but there was only so much he could do.

The old saying, “It takes a village” greatly comes into play here.

A lot of what Cernovich said applies to video/media production in so many ways.

Shoot, it applies to anything in our lives.

I want to break down each point and give out personal examples.

I’m doing this to show proof that anyone can do anything as long as they put forth effort and intensity.

Bankruptcy is not a big deal. It really isn’t. Go ALL THE FUCK IN.

I’ve been broke many times trying to get my video/media production company started.

Even before that, I was broke ALL THE TIME.

From having to pay off student loans, a car note, and rent, I had to choose between buying groceries and paying for gas.

I know being bankrupt and being broke are two different things but the point I’m making is it’s better to go all in than to play it safe (most times).

I stayed broke playing it safe throughout my debt paying years.

Now that I’m not paying any bills, I do all I can to go all in and make the most of what I have.

Don’t be afraid of not having money.

Money is something you can get back.

Time isn’t.

Successful men are like attractive women – they’ll just leave you on read.

This is true 100% of the time.

I’ve worked with a lot of successful and unsuccessful men over the last 15 years.

One thing that is consistent is how inconsistent the very successful men would respond to me.

One guy that I worked with in the past hasn’t responded back to me.

Another didn’t respond until a month later.

These guys are very busy with their work and value their time greatly.

As bad as it sounds, I’d rather keep men like that as company.

If they need me for something, they have my number and will contact me if they need me.

The same applies for this internship I’m doing right now.

The man I’m making videos for has little time to respond to me so he has his assistant take care of things.

Had I had mentorship like this at a younger age, this would have made more sense.

Be wary of men that give you too much of their time.

Many of them lack any real resources.

The only reason for a successful man to give you his time is because you two are business partners.

This sounds cruel but it’s a hard fact.

Don’t let it discourage you, though because it’s a good reason to improve and get better!

Relationships are about vibe and energy. Your job as a younger man is to bring ENERGY. You don’t have any wisdom. You think you do. You think you’re so smart.

Being a high energy entrepreneur or worker is a great thing. It’s something needed to go above the rest of the crowd.

Young men have energy and drive to make it.

High energy is contagious because it gives other the edge to do more.

On having wisdom, there’s nothing wrong with being smart but it’s a huge turn off.

I missed out on great friendships because I decided to attempt to be smarter than everyone else.

No one likes a know-it-all.

Most people are total vibe killers and momentum killers.

Related to the point above, getting a good vibe is essential.

When I go out while doing a live stream, I make sure to bring good vibes to whomever I associate with.

If the vibe is bad, no one wants to join me.

This is true when going out to social gatherings.

The amount of vibe one person has can spread. This can be either good or bad.

I went to a concert in Tokyo in 2016.

I went in with a lot of excitement.

By the time I left, my energy was sapped.

Normally, when I attend a concert, I’m hyped and pumped.

This event did the exact opposite for me.

What happened?!

I didn’t do a proper vibe check.

The people inside of the concert were energy vampires. They worked 9-5 jobs and got their excitement from singers and models.

I was the only person hyped throughout the event and it drained me because no one else was excited like I was.

You have to prove your worth.

In American society, many of us feel we’ve proven our worth by just showing up.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that if we’re a minority doing something minorities don’t normally do, we’re deserving of something.

I was VERY guilty of this mentality until I left home.

For many years, I kept trying and failing to accomplish the things I wanted to.

It made sense when I returned home from my first trip to South Korea.

I tried to work as a creative video editor at the TV station I worked at and was denied constantly.

The reality was I had to prove myself worthy to be able to work in the back.

My portfolio wasn’t all that impressive at the time and no one at the station knew what I could do.

Had I remained patient and sharpened my sword more, I could have worked in my dream position.

You prove yourself through your work, not your clever boy arguments or empty words.

No one has time to read your arguments on why you deserve whatever.

The only care about what value it brings them.

If you’re reading this far, thank you.

When applying for this internship, I was told by the person in charge they liked my website.

Had I sent an e-mail with just words, I would have been ignored.

The flipside to this is even if you have your best work, it may not get look at right at that moment.

Don’t be discouraged about this.

The right people will watch what you have.

Failure isn’t that big of a deal. No one is keeping a report card. Once you make it, which may take decades, you won’t even remember the low days.

Failure hurts emotionally.

The great thing about it is it teaches you how to get better and it’s temporary.

That one moment of success is better than all the failures endured.

The only people that keep track of your failures or missteps are unsuccessful people.

Pro wrestler Sammy Guevara made a tasteless joke in his younger days.

Now that he has paid his dues for it, people still remind him of it.

He’s doing what he does best while losers constantly bring it up.

Marry the wrong person and nothing you do will let your escape from that prison. Not even divorce, if you have kids.

I’ve witnessed this a number of times.

Business-wise, this can be just as bad.

Working with someone that makes your life and your business deals a living hell can ensure that partnership will not last.

Relationship wise, I witnessed this with a family friend.

He was a great man but his wife decided to not love him anymore.

They divorced while their daughter was a teenager. He had to pay her off until he got married again.

Throughout it all, the only true way he could escape was death.

Alcohol is evil. Don’t start drinking, if at all, until you are basically set for life. Then enjoy fine wine and cocktails in moderation!

I don’t drink but I do know how bad it can be.

I’ve seen relationships end because of alcohol abuse.

Sure it may can help out some relationships but I’ve seen it break them, too.

Here in South Korea, drunk men fight all the time.

It isn’t fun to witness or be apart of.

A drunk man once assaulted me.

Had my friends not be there, I would have been deported from beating him up.

In South Korea, being drunk is a defense.

Don’t fear the PIVOT because sometimes you’re doing something that leads to something better.

I feared the pivot in 2013 and 2016 and suffered for it as a result.

In 2013, I pivoted and went viral on Youtube as a result!

I didn’t capitalize because I wanted to do things my way and paid the price of a loss of interest.

In 2016, the same thing happened because I let my ego control me.

Instead of making videos that people liked, I kept making videos I wanted to make.

Ego is necessary but it need to be kept in check.

Follow the metrics that matter.

Related to the previous point, I had strong metrics when I pivoted to something new.

If it works and it isn’t hurting anyone, keep going and keep the metrics strong.

Good metrics. Note I haven’t had anything major in three years.
Bad YouTube metrics

If you notice, the metrics above show the types of videos that are popular on my channel.

In contract, the videos below show what ISN’T popular on my channel.

Out of the 6700 followers on the channel, travel videos averaged well over 300-400 views.

I’ve fought for years against the metrics and it has NOT paid off.

Thankfully, I learned my lesson outside of YouTube.

The metrics that work when making connections with people kept getting me more work.

Listening to so-called experts can kill your groove.

Don’t let that happen.

Pour Closure

I won’t sit here and act as though I know it all. I don’t.

What I do know is life experiences and it has worked in my favour.

What are your thoughts on the things listed?

If you’re curious to know more about how I built my momentum, check out my book “I’m Too Tall For This Country” today. I talk about my trials and triumphs in South Korea and Japan.

Peace & love!

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