Top 5 Methods To Getting Massive Exposure

Imagine you released a new YouTube video.

It’s your best one yet but for some reason, you’re still not getting the views you want.

The harsh truth involving video creation is the fact that viewers do not care about how much work you put in.

The only thing that matters is if it evokes some sort of emotion.

If it isn’t happy, sad, or doesn’t make anyone angry or thoughtful, no one cares.

In addition, aesthetics play a huge role in exposure.

How can you get that exposure and make your video viral?

Here are my TOP 10 methods for getting exposure.

#1 Timing

This is probably the most important on this list.

Whatever you make, it has to come right when something big is happening in the world.

If no one is talking about it, hardly anyone will watch it.

Last week, The Last Of Us Part II, the most anticipated game on the Playstation 4, was released.

Gameplay videos were being churned out and there are videos in the 10s to 100s of thousands of views.

A month from now, no one will even care.

Prior to the release, there was a lot of hype (positive and negative) towards the game so that helped boost interest.

Fueling the hype towards the release of something plays a big factor into whether or not something will be popular.

Is Now A Good Time To Post

#2 Reddit

Regardless of how you feel about Reddit, this site is perfect for getting exposure.

In order to get exposure on Reddit, someone on that site with a lot of karma (social credit score) has to watch your creation.

They have to be so into it, they feel it would be a good thing to post and share to other Redditors.

If it makes the front page, more specifically the subreddit r/all, you’ll have a new following.

In 2019, I was blessed to have a Redditor visit my Twitch page while I saved a tourist from being scammed.

This interaction invoked emotion and felt it was good to share.

That moment got me 500 new followers in an hour.

Getting noticed on Reddit can be a blessing or a curse so you have to be careful on how you handle yourself.

#3 Twitter

I went over how to get noticed on a site like Twitter previously.

If someone with many followers follows you and they like what you have, they’ll either like or RT you and their audience will see it.

This video I made for pro wrestler Thunder Rosa was seen not just by her, but another follower with a massive following.

This gave not only me exposure, but Thunder Rosa as well!

#4 Invoke Emotions

If your audience feels nothing when watching your video, they will not have a reason to pay attention.

I mentioned this in the thesis but it needs to be said again.

Get the audience to feel any kind of way.

Personally, I find humor and sadness to work best.

If you can mix both and make it work, you’re sitting on gold.

My Koreans React To The Fresh Prince video is a perfect example of this.

#5 Having A Website

Having a website with everything I mentioned above is a great way to get exposure.

What’s amazing is today, it’s easier than ever to build a website!

My hosting site is Sitegrounds.

It’s cheaper and more efficient than Bluehost.

They use WordPress and you’ll have many free options on how you want to design your site.

If you’re serious about building what you have, sign up today.


Pour closure

The meat and potatoes to getting exposure is to invoke emotions and know the right people.

If you accomplish one of these, you’ll be set.

Just know that just because you do it once, it doesn’t mean you stop doing this.

Success comes from being consistent in all you do.

Some days you win, some days you lose.

But you’ll live to try again.

Use what works and fix what doesn’t and you’ll be fine.

Question: What work have you done that made you go viral?

Answer below!

Peace and love!